About Us

Stockport Humanists is a partner group of Humanists UK.

We aim to promote Humanism and support Humanists in the Stockport area.

We have regular discussions with a speaker as well as social events.

Come and consider the great questions of life with a group of open-minded and supportive people. Listen to our thought-provoking talks or join our friendly, informal socials and Sunday breakfasts. Learn how to follow a personal morality without the need of God in our lives.

Please come along or get in touch if you are interested or have questions about Humanism.

Event Times

** NOTE ** Due to Covid our discussion meetings are currently being held over Zoom – but the socials are moving back to real life.  You can find details by subscribing to our newsletter, or following our Facebook or Meetup page (see “Contact Us”).  The text below will hopefully be relevant again soon!

Please check with us on stockport@humanistgroups.org.uk , on Meetup  or Facebook  before coming as details of times and places may vary.  We normally meet at:

  • 7:30pm on the third Wednesday of each month at The Boars Head, 2 Vernon Street, Stockport SK1 1TY
  • 2:30pm on the fourth Wednesday of each month at The Rhode Island cafe, Little Underbank, Stockport, SK1 1JT
  • 10:30am on the first Sunday of each month for breakfast at Calvert’s Court pub, Petersgate, Stockport, SK1 1EB

Our Constitution

Our aims are as follows;

a) Support and represent Humanists in the Stockport area;
b) Promote public awareness and knowledge of Humanism and increase membership;
c) Foster and support education in Humanism;
d) Facilitate the provision of Humanist ceremonies;
e) Campaign on issues of concern to Humanists;
f) Advocate secularism;
g) Provide opportunities for like-minded individuals to explore issues relevant to Humanism;
h) Provide Humanist fellowship and pastoral care.